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Recomended duration
Half day safari 3 to 4 hrs & full day safari 10 to 12 hrs
Best time of the year to visit
Throughout the year. Peak time is from February to October
Open Hours
6AM to 6PM

Little bit about Wilpattu National Park

Pack your binoculars and await a wonderful experience of  the many examples of the rich avian life here, these include wetland species such as white  ibis and garganey, as well as Sri Lankan junglefowl, painted stork and many more species. The experience of watching crocodiles stalk the waters and leopards roam the bush at the Wilpattu National Park is a treat for nature lovers.

The park provides the  opportunity to spot around 31 mammal species and get up close and personal with the animals such as leopards and elephants. The safari tours are most exciting and the park views are breathtaking. Wilpattu national park is located 180 km north of Colombo. The unique feature of the park is the existence of natural lakes. Around sixty lakes and tanks are spread throughout the city. It is also known as one of the oldest and largest nature parks of Sri Lanka.

Wilpattu is one of the parks which has a large population of leopards. Other species like birds and reptiles are also found here. This park is also a popular tourist destination. Bird watching and other exciting experiences are offered by most tour guides, travel agents as well as resorts located in the city. Tourists and locals, first time visitors to national parks and people who love wildlife, can all visit Wilpattu National Park and enjoy a pleasant vacation, learn and explore wildlife and also enjoy breathtaking views all in one destination.


How to reach Wilpattu National Park?

There are two entrances to Wilpattu National Park. Main one is the Hunuwilgama entrance (also known as Nochchiyagama Entrance). And the other ones is Eluwankulama entrance.

How to reach Wilpattu Hunuwilgama entrance:

  • Colombo – Negomobo – Chillaw – Puttalam – 51 kms from Puttalam in Puttalam-Arunradhapura road
  • If you are coming from Anuradhapura side, 40 kms from Anuradhapura in Puttalam-Anuradhapura road

How to reach Wilpattu Eluwankulama entrance:

  • Colombo – Negomobo – Chillaw – Puttalam – 30 km from Puttalam in Puttalam-Mannar road

So, if you are coming from the Colombo – Negomobo – Chillaw – Puttalam route, Eluwankulama entrance is the closest. Most visitors use this route to plan both Kalpitiya and Wilpattu National Park trips together (Kalpitiya is 1-hour drive from Palaviya. Palaviya is located 20 minutes before Puttalam in Chillaw-Puttalam road)


Things to know before you go

  • Best time to enter the park - 6 AM and 3 PM
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Do not tease the animals
  • No smoking, no liquor
  • Eat at designated rest areas only
  • Do not get down from the Safari Jeeps
  • Bring plenty of water, sun protections creams, sunglasses, caps/hats
  • Always listen to the driver's/ guide's instructions



Safari Jeep Price*

Half-day: From LKR 4,500 - 6,000

Full-day: Around LKR 10,000

*Prices vary based on the condition of the jeep and the additional facilities provided. Above are generic indicative prices


Wilpattu National Park Entrance Fee for Foreigners

  Single Visit Overnight Stay Two visits same day
Adult  $ 15 $ 30 $ 25
Kids (6 - 12 yrs)  $ 8  $ 16 $ 12

Service Charge: $8

Veicle Entrance Fee: ~$2

15% VAT on the grand entrance fee


Wilpattu National Park Entrance Fee for Locals

  Single Visit Overnight Stay Two visits same day
Adult  LKR 60 LKR 120 LKR 100
Kids (6 - 12 yrs)  LKR 30 LKR 60 LKR 50
School Kids LKR 20    

Service Charge: ~LKR 1,400

Veicle Entrance Fee: LKR 250

15% VAT on the grand entrance fee



Photography by: Kasun De Silva


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On July 14, 2018

Willpattu national park is one of best place to visit if you are a wild life photographer. There are so many birds and animals in Willpattu. And its good place to see Sri Laken leopards. In our journey we had some great shots on wild life and guest service also quite good.