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Little bit about Sri Maha Bodhiya

he Sri Maha Bodhiya is a sacred fig tree, the right-wing branch is said to be the one under which the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. This sacred tree was brought from India and planted in the Mahamewna Gardens in Anuradhapura. This is the only oldest living human planted tree in the whole universe.  It is still the most sacred relics of Buddhism and many Buddhists from all over the world visit the tree to worship it. The tree is about 2000 years old and still stands strong. The other fig trees surrounded by it protect the tree from storms and animals. The Buddhists have strong belief and have offerings made to the tree. They believe that this tree produces significant and positive changes in their life. Buddhists pay a homage to the tree, for special offerings, like, cure to ailments etc.

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