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1+ Hours
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Throughout the year

Little bit about Riverston Tower

Riverston Tower can be visited on the way from Matale to Riverston and the entrance is on the left side of the road

(Its about 45 Minutes drive from Bambarakiri Ella Falls and as the next destination after the Tower, you can visit Pitawala Pathana on your way to Riverston)

Best time to get there is the morning hours. Vehicles are not allowed to go to the top of the mountain so the last 2km will be a mini hike along the Riverston Tower Lane. Majestic greenery of the mountains and plants beside the path is engulfed by thick fogs time to time. It’s an unbeatable experience to see the mountain tops are covered by white and cold clouds in a flash while you tread along the road.

Once you reach the transmission tower, exhilarating views of the gigantic mountain ranges appear all around. It’s an amazing weather changing area too – clouds, mist, showers, sunlight, wind, all unpredictable!

Remember that you need special permission to enter the tower area.

Things to know before you go

  • There is a 2KMs mini hike from the entrance to the tower
  • Need to take permission from the entrance 
  • Better to do the visit eary in the morning 


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