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Little bit about Pilkington Point

Located 1400m above the sea level, Pilkington viewpoint can be considered as one of the best viewpoints to visit if you are around Haputale, Bandarawela or Ella area. Breathtaking views of lush green misty mountains and valleys give you ample of reasons to visit this place and to enjoy the unspoilt beauty mother nature.  

Pilkington viewpoint belongs to Poonagala Tea Estate, which is located 32 KMs from Haputale via Bandarawela-Poonagala-Koslanda road. The entrance to the viewpoint is clearly marked; after about 20 KMs from Bandarawela, you will get to see the entrance to the Pilkington Point Road on your left (if you are coming from Bandarawela).

From the entrance there is about 2 KM walk to the summit. You can either walk in this marked trail, enjoying the splendid views and the chilling weather of Poonagala hills or drive to the top in few minutes.

If you could walk 45 more minutes after reaching Pilkington viewpoint, there is another viewpoint called Millennium Point which gives an unforgettable panoramic view of the hill country.


Things to know before you go

  • Be ready for strong wind & cold weather


How to reach Pilkington Point?

From Haputale:

Haputale -> 35 KMs in Bandarawela-Poonagala-Koslanda Rd -> Pilkington Point Road -> Pilkington Point

From Ella:

Ella -> 26 KMs in Bandarawela-Poonagala-Koslanda Rd -> Pilkington Point Road -> Pilkington Point



Around LKR 250


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