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Recomended duration
1 Hour
Best time of the year to visit
Throughout the year
December is bit cold compared to the other months (around 10 °C)

Little bit about Nine Arch Bridge

Would you believe in a rail-crossing bridge constructed only with bricks, stones and cement, without using any steel, and standing strong now for nearly a century? About 80ft high Nine Arch Bridge, also called as ‘the Bridge in the sky’ was constructed in 1921 when Sri Lanka was a British colony and is one of the most iconic bridges in Sri Lanka. The bridge is about 300ft extended and has 9 arches.

The story behind the bridge says that, as the World War 1 began the steel consignment reserved for the bridge construction was transferred to a war related project. Due to the unavailability of steel, bridge construction was kept on-hold. But a local resident call P.K. Appuhamy came up with a plan to build the bridge using bricks, stones and cement. Nine Arch Bridge that you see today is a result of his and his team’s effort.  

When you stand underneath it and look up, you will be amazed at a beautiful sight of nine skies through the nine arches. The bridge's architectural creativity and the nearby prolific greenery make anyone stop by and take few clicks. Located in between Ella and Demodara railway stations, the view of Nine Arch bridge can even be enjoyed during a train journey.

The most picturesque view is when the train passes through the bridge. Trains travelling between Ella to Demodara stations pass through the bridge with a total travel time of around 15 minutes. Normally trains from either stations reach the bridge in about 5-10 minutes. The train schedule between Ella and Demodara stations is as mentioned in the Time Table section.

Things to know before you go

  • Best time is when a train passes through the bridge (Please refer below Timetable section to know the timings)
  • Be causious if you are standing on the side of the bridge when the train passes the bridge, speially when you are trying to take pictures


Train shedule is as below:

Depature Arrival
Approximate time train reaching the bridge*
6:06 AM from Ella 6:21 AM at Demodara 6.13 AM
6:24 AM from Demodara 6:39 AM at Ella 6.31 AM
9:09 AM from Demodara 9:23 AM at Ella 9.16 AM
11:41 AM from Demodara 11:56 AM at Ella 11.58 AM
12:51 PM from Ella 1:07 PM at Demodara 1.00 PM
2.20 PM From Demodara 2:37 AM at Ella 2.28 PM
3:15 PM from Ella 3:28 PM at Demodara 3.21 PM
5:17 PM from Ella 5:36 PM at Demodara 5.26 PM
6:23 PM from Ella 6:36 PM at Demodara 6.30 PM
6:35 PM from Demodara 6:50 PM at Ella 6.42 PM

Train Time Source: Sri Lanka Railways

*Not an exact time, just an approximation based on the time between two stations.



Photo Credit: Saumya Wanniarachchi

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