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Recomended duration
2+ Hours
Best time of the year to visit
Mirissa Surf season is from October to April


Little bit about Mirissa Surfing

Small but tropical paradise to anyone who lays eyes on it, the city Mirissa is a treat to surfers, Mirissa has a beautiful crescent shaped sandy beach which is surrounded by palm trees. These sandy beaches are the best tourist attractions. It's calm tides and fresh waves are a surfers dream. Mirissa is also known for surfing along with other activities like whale watching. It is known as a surfing hotspot in Sri Lanka, the beach offers waves nice for turns. Early morning and late evening hours are the best time for a good surf. The directions are right hand and short length. The blue waters offer a good ride for beginners as well as experienced surfers. With its good swell, Mirissa can provide for any surfer, whether beginner, intermediate or an experienced surfer, Mirissa is also a good learning spot and surfers can build up their skills while riding in these awesome waves. Surfing is a beautiful experience and a sport activity loved by most. Surfing is one reason most tourists travel to Sri Lanka, this country has many surfing destinations, out of which Mirissa city is the most visited.

The beautiful view and the soft sandy beach helps the surfer to relax once they are done surfing. Apart from that, Mirissa has luxury and budget accommodations which help travelers to enjoy the vacation and experience surfing in a much relaxed mode.

Things to know before you go

  • Type: Reef
  • Reliability: Fairly consistent
  • Need to be mindful of urchins and rocks 
  • Good for beginners, intermediate and experienced surfers
  • Generally it starts to get hot after 10AM. So the best time would be from 6AM to 9AM and after 4PM


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