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Little bit about Mirisawetiya Sthupa

The Mirisawetiya Sthupa is a large Buddhist shrine located in the Ancient City of Anuradhapura. It is one of the “Atamasthana”, 8 sacred places located in and around the Anuradhapura Holy city area. The Atamasthana are hallowed places amongst Buddhists around the world. MirisawetiSthupa is said to have been built by King Dutugemunu, who was one of Sri Lanka’s most famous ancient monarchs. It is said to be built encircling a sacred sceptre which contained Lord Buddha’s sacred relics. These stupas are vast in size and stand proudly against the clear skyline, a proud testament to the ancient engineers whose skills were far beyond their time. The Mirisaweti stupa is an example of the ancient Sri Lankan concept of “Gamai, Pansalayi, Wewai, Daagebai” where the ancient cities and villages built around the Buddhist temple and the tank, a source of spiritual peace and a source of sustenance.


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