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Little bit about Mihintale

Mihintale is a mountain range that consists of three mountains, and commonly Mihintale is the name given to the highest peak that is of about 1000ft in height. This mountain is one of the most sacred sites in Sri Lanka and certainly a place of great religious importance. Mihintale is immensely related to the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, where the Buddhist monk Mahinda and King Devanampiya-tissa met first. However, regardless of the religion the Sri Lankans belong to, Mihintale is visited by all with the admiration to see the beautiful designs that are carved in these rocks. Mihintale, today is a large beautiful village. The mountain is still preserved and worshipped by many, as it is environmentally enchanting, spiritually enlightening and culturally immensely significant that it has been loved more deeply by the people.


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