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Little bit about Meemure

  •  Colombo > Kandy > Hunnasgiriya junction via Kandy-Mahiyangana road > Turn left to Loolwatte village
  •  From Loolwatte village there’s 14 km trial to Meemure which is the only way to access there. (Jeeps or vans are recommended)

Meemure is a secluded village with utmost ruralness, located in the Knuckles Mountain Range  of central Sri Lanka. This area is enriched with high biodiversity with many endemic flora and fauna, and migrant birds. Also it is nourished with rivers, streams, and waterfalls formed by the fresh waters coming from the Knuckles Range. If one desires to visit and explore the real rurality blended with the immaculate beauties of nature, Meemure would be the ideal place.

The innocent and simple folks about 400 living in the village make their living by planting several local crops. Their total eco-friendly houses are made with natural materials such as clay and grasses.

Attractions around Meemure

  • Lakegala – Meemure is said to be the safest access point to Lakegala. Its summit is 4329 feet above sea level with rare and amazing outlook. This picture perfect rock having a pyramid shape has a historical significance that runs back to 5000 years. The mysterious mountain is believed to be the place where the mighty King Ravana launched his epic aircraft ‘Dandumonaraya’ into the sky. This is perhaps supported with the modern scientific revelation that Sri Lanka has the lowest gravity on earth.

    Hiking in the steep Lakegala is one of the nerve-racking experiences you can gain in Sri Lanka. The rock is 80-degree steep at times, but with the experienced hiking guides, you can plan your hike high up to the summit in Lakegala.

  • Waterfalls – There are several enchanting waterfalls hidden within Meemure. Travelers can engage in enjoyable and thrilling water activities with the support of guides there. It’s better to contact them beforehand when planning your trip, because there are ample of packages you can select.

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