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Recomended duration
4+ Hours (Half a day)
Best time of the year to visit
Throughout the year

Little bit about Manigala Hike

Manigala hike trail runs through mountains, plains and forest gardens beginning from Knuckles Conservation Centre to Illukkumbura.
Hikers can start the journey from beautiful Rathinda village and it will be priceless to go to the starting point through the village. You will see drooping terraced fields of paddy, cultivation lands and all the rural beauties adjoined with the true village life of Rathinda.

Early morning hours are best recommended to start the hike as on some sunny days the summit gets bit hot by noon. It's advisable to go with a guide if you do not know the route, you can find a villager as your guide quite easily.
Travellers' eyes are lucky to grasp the scenic sight of Thelgamu valley, Atanwala village, Pitawala Pathana, Riverston, Thunhisgala, Duwili Ella and Wedda Peni Ella. It's a moderate hike with a clear path with steps in most of the places.

Once you reach the top, you will not take your eyes away from the mesmerising view. The plain area of Manigala is like a natural platform created by nature itself to view the giantic scenery of mountains. Nature's wonder of beauty is at its maximum, this area is home for variety of butterflies. Riverston tower and the whole Knuckles area could be viewed from the two viewpoint cliffs. On a clear day, Duvili Ella can be seen from the far.
Villagers go to the summit on regular basis with their herds of cattles. It's truly surprising to see how cattles could get to the summit, but it's very normal for the villagers.
There are some camping sites, rest houses around the Rathinda village and nearby areas. Select a place where rough winds do not obstruct your tent life.

History of Manigala

Manigala villagers used the shadow of the mountain to determine the time of the day.
It is believed that 7500 years ago the mighty King Ravana’s flight (Dandumonaraya) was landed on this mountain and the place is also called as 'Ravanathenna'. The square shape damaged section is believed to be the entrance to King Ravana’s palace.
There's another belief that this is one of a place on earth where universal power is centered.

Things to know before you go

  • Take enough drinking water
  • Start the hike as early as possible 
  • Always use the marked path


How to reach Manigala 

Colombo > Katunayake Expressway > Kurunegala > Matale > Rattota > Riverston > Raththinda

If you are planning to take public transport, there are two busses from Matale town to Raththinda village.

Matale – Hettipola bus that leaves Matale at 7.30AM
Matale – Iluk kubura bus that leaves Matale town at 3.30 PM

Read our Blog articles on Trip to Riverston and Manigala Hike for more information on Manigala, to plan your visit better.

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