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Little bit about Madirigiriya Vatadage

This place is located in the middle of a dry zone forest area. The ancient characters that are imprinted on the bricks and the stone carvings indicate a long history on Madirigiriya. The vatadage is situated on a small rock and the entrance is on the northern side. At the bottom of the staircase is a massive stone frame which is 9’9” feet tall and 4’9” feet in breadth. There is a resting place after climbing 27 stone steps. In order to reach the stupa there are 4 more steps, around the stupa you will find a stone wall that is 1 meter in size. On the other four sides are beautifully carved Buddha statues in the seating position. With all its unique constructions, this place remains one of the best examples of local craftsmanship of ancient Sri Lanka.

Things to know before you go

  • As in other Buddhist shrines, take off your shoes and hats before entering
  • Do not turn your back to Buddha statues

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