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Can be seen only during draught period

Little bit about Kadadora Temple

Colombo > Kandy > Gampola > Kotmale Reservoir

Kadadora Temple is submerged under the grand mass of water of the Kotmale reservoir. It rarely comes to the spotlight when the reservoirs water dries up during a drought.
Kotmale reservoir was first opened in 1985. During the construction of it, 57 villages and 54 temples which were in between Kadadora mountain and Thispane mountain were submerged in the water.
This Kadadora temple is the closest temple to the Kotmale dam. During its great past, it was known as Kadadora Priyabimbarama Viharaya. Many devotees of the village and outsiders visited it to worship but today it has become a remnant that rarely emerges out of water.This rareness is what increases its value, because you never know when you would see it again. More devotees from everywhere, more than in the past, come to it with great devotion.

At present half of the temple is buried under the soil. The visible part still safely enshrines the great statue of Lord Buddha.
Calming winds that blow across the shallow water embraces the unharmed statue. Its archaic look is enhanced by the majestic ruins of its dragon entrance and sandstone hued old constructions.

It is believed that the ‘Nagas’ protected the temple, as the monks say.

Things to know before you go

The remaining rock wall made of stones is really breakable. It’s because the mixture is washed and removed from it due to the long submergence in water. Therefore do not hang or put weight on them.



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