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2 Hours
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Throughout the year


Little bit about Loolkandura Tea Estate

Loolkandura tea estate is the first patch of commercial tea grown in Sri Lanka.

James Taylor, who is considered as the 'father of ceylon tea', initiated this move in 1867 when he was just 21 years old, and he named this as Loolecondera Estate.

Whole area around the estate is quite rural. The tender tea leaves plucked by village workers finally turn out to be the world's finest tea of all time.

Things you can see within Loolkandura Tea Estate:

  • Taylor’s Well (the well used by James Taylor more than 150 years ago)

  • Taylor’s Bungalow 

  • Taylor’s seat (can have a superb view there)

  • The lake 

Most of the visitors do not forget to do the Kondagala hike when visiting Loolkandura tea estate. 


How to reach Loolkandura tea estate

Colombo > Peradeniya > Galaha > Delthotoa > Rattota > Kondagala

If you wish to visit Loolkandura by public tar, there are two options:

  1. From Kandy (or Peradeniya) take Delthota bus that goes via Galaha. Then from Delthota take the Hewaheta bus and get off from Loolkandura estate (Estate is inbetween Delthota and Hewaheta)
  2. From Kandy (or Peradeniya) take Hewaheta bus that goes via Galaha and get off from Loolkandura estate




  • Buses – LKR 300
  • Car/ Van – LKR 200
  • Three Wheel – LKR 100
  • Motor Cycles – LKR 100
  • Lorry – LKR 250

Read our Blog articles on Loolkandura and Kondagala hike for more information, to plan your visit better. 



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