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2+ Hours
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Throughut the year


Little bit about Lanka Ella Falls

Lanka Ella is located approximately 1km away from the picturesque Bambarakanda Falls. It is more remote and is extremely difficult to reach.

The name, Lanka Ella was coined after the shape of the pool to which the water fall falls into. Being of a tear drop shape, the Lanka Ella is reminiscent of the shape of the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Lanka Ella is a less travelled tourist destination. The trek to the falls is reserved for the seasoned trekker. Taking a footpath from the road that leads to Bambarakanda Falls, visitors must trek through approximately 1km of thick lush jungle. However, visitors to the Bambarakanda Falls have always said that the visit to the falls is fully worth the toil. The pristine waters of the falls are an amazing site to behold. The pools into which the water falls into is said to be extremely deep and swimming the Lanka Ella Pool is ill-advised. The best would be to appreciate the beauty of the fall from afar.

You can cover both Lanka Ella and Bambarakanda Falls in the same trip, but the journey is a bit tiring.

How to reach Lanka Ella Falls?

Lanka Ella Falls is located in a tiny town call Kalupahana. If you are starting the journey from Colombo, the best route is: 

Colombo - Ratnapura - Balangoda - Belihuloya - Kalupahana

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