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Little bit about Koneswaram Temple

Koneswaram is a Hindu Temple in Trincomalee situated at the east coast of Sri Lanka. The temple lies on a high rock promontory which is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The temple was built on the summit of rocky promontory with hard black granite that was skillfully carved with classical temple bas relief sculptures. This was done by the Indian temple architects and sculptors. Its most known fine feature is the Thousand Pillared hall, this was used to carry out religious and cultural events. The inside of the temple is stunning. As you enter, you will be awe-struck by the beautiful sight of the ancient main shrine room, the roof and the insides of the temple are beautifully sculptured and painted in a colourful way, there is a large image depicting all the shrines in the temple and the order of worshipping them. The temple is a must see.  


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