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Recomended duration
4 Hours
Best time of the year to visit
Avoid the rainy seasons

Little bit about Kondagala Hike

A hike to Kondagala is one of the best hiking experiences that gives you picturesque views both at the summit and on the way. 

The trail of the hike lies across the Loolkandura Tea Estate pleasing your eyes with lush green plantations. (Loolkandura Tea Estate is just about 2 Hours drive from Kandy)


The vast stretch of tea plantation, streams flowing here and there and the panoraic ring of mountains add a true beauty to the Kondagala hike.

The vast and green stretch of tea, cool water streams flowing here and then, all made it an interesting expenditure to Kondagala. The panoramic ring of mountains acted as a boundary of the hiking paradise.

It was impressive to think the tender tea leaves falling to the baskets from the hands of tea pluckers finally turn into world’s finest tea of all times.


Quite impressively the hiking trail starts through the tea estate. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the summit.

The path is well marked and it wasn’t a difficult hike. Just before the summit there is a steep step to climb which can be considered as the most difficult part of the hike. Some may need others’ help to pass that place. And then the summit was breathtaking!

Whole area was clearly visible as it was a very sunny day. Such a satisfaction!

Meanwhile it was greatly windy so we had to be very cautious, specially not to go to the edges of the mountain. In our cameras there were endless clicks of those picture-perfect surroundings.


How to reach Kondagala

Colombo > Peradeniya > Galaha > Delthotoa > Rattota > Kondagala

If you wish to visit Kondagala by bus, there are two options:

  1. From Kandy (or Peradeniya) take Delthota bus that goes via Galaha. Then from Delthota take the Hewaheta bus and get off from Lookkandura estate (Estate is inbetween Delthota and Hewaheta)
  2. From Kandy (or Peradeniya) take Hewaheta bus that goes via Galaha and get off from Lookkandura estate

It’s 4 Km from the main road to the hike start point. You can find a Tuk-tuk to travel or if you’ve got the fitness you can walk through the beautiful tea estate. It is not possible to travel that distance in a vehicle with low ground clearance.

Things to know before you go

  • Make sure that you are fit for a 30 - 40 minutes of hike
  • Do not go to the edges of the summit during windy condition


Loolkandura Tea Estate entrance:

  • Buses – LKR 300
  • Car/ Van – LKR 200
  • Three Wheel – LKR 100
  • Motor Cycles – LKR 100
  • Lorry – LKR 250


Read our Blog articles on Loolkandura and Kondagala hike for more information, to plan your visit better. 



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