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Little bit about Kiri Vehera

The Kiri Vehera, is an ancient sthupa built on the premises of the Kataragama Holy city. It is a must visit to all the devotees visiting the Kataragama dewalaya. The Kiri Vehera predates the Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Dewalaya, said to have been built in the 6th Century, by King Mahasen, the then king of the Ruhunu or southern kingdom. It is said that the Sthupa was built on the exact place that the king met Buddha, the enlightened one, during his 3rd visit to Sri Lanka.

It is a massive stark which hemispherical edifice from which the name Kiri Vehera, which means white sthupa is derived from. The Kiri Vehera is frequented by all devotees who come to the Kataragama holy city. They offer flowers and preach sermons from the scripts of the teachings of the Buddha, in order to evoke blessings on themselves and their loved ones.

This architectural and engineering marvel bewitches and amazes foreign and local tourists alike to this day.


Photography by: Thilina Chandrathilaka

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