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Little bit about Kalpitiya Dutch Fort

The Kalpitiya Fort is considered as one of the oldest forts in Sri Lanka, constructed during the period 1666-1676.

Kalpitiya (known as Kav Putti, in ancient days) was a strategic business location mainly due to the fact that the nearby Puttalam area was one of the major cinnamon cultivation areas of the Island. When Portuguese were controlling the Kalpitiya area, King Rajasingha II – the Kandy King, looked for assistance from Dutch to free the area. After taking the control, Dutch did not hand it over to the Kandy King, instead they built this fort with the aim to control the Kandy Kingdom’s external trade activities specially with India. Full control of the area gave immense advantage for the Dutch East India Company (VOC) to operate their business activities in the Indian ocean.

  • Yellow colour bricks that are being used in the entrance arch, is said to believe have been brought down from Holand.
  • Even though there is only one visible entrance to the Fort, there are two tunnels that could be used in case of a withdrawal. One of them goes to the sea and the other to the nearby Dutch Reform Church (400m away).
  • There are two wells in the premises. It is belived that those have been used to provide water to the residents of the fort.


How to reach Kalpitiya Dutch Fort?

It is located in the Kalpitya town itself. There is a huge Buddha statue in middle of the city and the main entrance is located just behind that.

Things to know before you go

  • It is a must to have your ID or the passport to get permission to enter the Fort
  • It is very hot during the day time, specially on hot sunny days. Best is to visit in morning hours


Tickets not required to visit Kalpitiya Dutch Fort, but at the entrance you need to give your identification number and get permission, as the Fort is located inside a Neval camp.



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