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Little bit about Jungle Beach

Jungle beach is just 2.6 km southwards of Unawatuna. It’s a perfect alternative for Unawatuna beach, because it’s calmer, cleaner, and less crowded than many of the beaches around.

You can park your vehicle at the hill and it’s a small hike through the shady jungle towards the beach. The effort taken to visit the beach is really worthy.

Bathing in the crystal-clear sea serves as a refreshing experience after the bit sweaty walk through the jungle.  For the swimmers to note, there aren’t lifeguards, but the sea is not risky or dangerous. So, we can recommend it as a great place for swimming.  From the two bays in the jungle beach, choose the second bay if you want a crowd less, secluded retreat.

This beautiful beach stretches along two little bays near the mountainous Rumassala (Rumassala is one amazing and mythical geological escarpment that has a link to the story of Ramayana).

You can buy cheap drinks and snacks from the restaurant there. Near the beach there’s a less significant but worth to see temple. That is the Japanese Peace Pagoda which stands in white amidst the jungle.

After them all, the Jungle Beach is a pleasant spot where you can experience both the wild and the ocean at the same place.


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