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Little bit about Jetavanarama Stupa

This temple is published as one of the sacred pilgrimage places in this island. It was constructed on the ground, may be illustrating us how Mahinda Maha Thero gave sermons on Buddhism. A part of a sash or belt tied by the Buddha is believed to be the relic that is enshrined here. About 10,000 Buddhist monks were housed in this temple during the times of the Kings in Anuradhapura era. Constructed in 5.6 hectares of land, when the construction was completed, the temple was regarded as the tallest structures in the ancient world built using 93.3 million bricks and even now considered as the second tallest non-pyramidal buildings. Even today many modern engineers are amazed at the ingenuity and the sophisticated engineering techniques that were used to build the stupa and the surrounding structures.

Things to know before you go

  • As in other Buddhist shrines, take off your shoes and hats before entering
  • Do not turn your back to Buddha statues

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