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Recomended duration
1 Hour
Best time of the year to visit
Throughout the year. Prime time is June-September
Open Hours
8AM - 5PM


Little bit about Hummanaya Blowhole

By visiting Kudawella which is just 5km away from Dikwella, you can witness the world’s second largest blowhole and and the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka.

This rare geological feature and the breathtaking phenomenon should never be missed. On the way closer to this place, its sound could be heard in excitement. After arriving to the rocky cliff, you may wait awhile till the surprise comes. Underneath the shore a pressure is created and it pushes the rambling water up through the cliff’s rapture. Then the white gush of water drills up thundering, even creating a mini rainbow by the side.

Specially during September, waters shoot up to 30m high or more. But during less windy days, you need to wait patiently for about 30 minutes to see a blow. With the guide of sign boards it’s easy to find there. You need to climb up to the cliff but it’s not so tiring. There’s a visitors information centre on marine life and a safe viewing platform, but make sure you take up the safety of kids.

Coffee and juice shops are available at the base with car parking facility.


  • Locals - LKR 20 
  • Foreigners - LKR 250

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