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Little bit about Fatna

Commonly known as burusgala(sliding rock) by locals, this fun-filled place from down south of Sri Lanka is in Patna tea estate in Deniyaya. So this is closer to the world heritage site of Sinharaja Rain Forest.
Walk to Patna sliding rock is through some narrow roads through the tea estates(about 1km) but you will know it's all worthy when you finally get there. Just as you come there you will see a long and natural stretch of rock layer which is amazingly located. You will see a panoramic view in the background with lush green hills. Also, lot of granite stones are naturally located around the spot and they have eroded into amazing shapes.
On the great stretch of sloping rock, shallowest water glide over. So when you sit on that, that water takes you nicely down the slope even without your effort! This is one of the best kind of water fun you can get in Sri Lanka.

There are 2 separate huts for men and women to change clothes.
Patna is much crowded in weekends and holidays. So if you want to enjoy freely, week days are recommended. Also, affordable accomodation is available around the place and those service providers can help you by guiding.



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