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Little bit about Embekka Devalaya

This is the temple built by King Vikramabahu III and is the best place in Sri Lanka to see the finest wood carvings. The woodworks are some of the best examples of Sinhalese art and recognized by UNESCO as the best and most detailed in the world. The unique feature is that the whole building is made entirely of wood, with no other materials being used, and even the nails used have been hewn out of wood. The temple is dedicated to the God ‘Mahasen’ known as ‘Kataragama deviyo’. It is situated in the Medapalata Korale of Udunuwara in the district of Kandy.

The architectural talents of the constructors are breathtaking and the building is still strong standing now for many centuries.

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Tevava Hours (Special daily rituals) 6.30AM, 11.30AM and 7.00PM


Foreigners               LKR 300


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